Steve Kelso - hairy chested gay porn star

Manly men never go out of style. Case in point: rugged and handsome Steve Kelso, who is currently rising from the COLT Studio Group vault for a new installment of the Icon Series. Kelso made a name for himself in the mid-1990s with his stunning physique and gorgeously hairy chest. Just look at these provocative poses from the natural and unassuming stud at his peak. Legend has it that following his stint as a COLT Man, where he was featured in magazines, calendars, photo sets and a solo titled "Intimate Hours" in the movie Waterbucks (sadly, there was no cum shot), Kelso opened a bar in New Jersey. We're sure that his thirsty fans were knee-deep at the watering hole on a nightly basis. Hell, sexy Steve can pour us a tall one anytime. To view the Icon photo gallery, visit

COLT man Steve Kelso jerking off

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