Steve Hooper

It's taken a little while, but UK Naked Men finally managed to get Steve Hooper to shed his clothes. Hooper is one of the titans of UK hardcore porn, and he comes to UK Naked Men to show us just what the fuss is about. Judging by the healthy serving of meat that he's holding in his hands, we don't have to look too hard. Steve Hooper is naturally smooth, very handsome, and works hard on his body - he's even got a gorgeous ass; but let's face it, it all comes down to a nice cock, doesn't it? And Steve's is about as perfect as they come - long, thick, nicely proportioned, and topped off with a juicy, plump cock head. I imagine that this won't be Steve Hooper's last appearance on the British gay porn site, at least I'm hoping we'll see more of him.

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