Many times we all look at porn studs and think to ourselves that they pretty much live in the gym and/or have been blessed with great genes. Those bulging biceps aren't going to make themselves now, are they?! It does take a lot of determination to get a hot body and keep it looking sexy.

No one knows this better than Playgirl Centerfold Stefan Pinto. He was fat, unhappy and not making very much of his life, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and lose all the fat. Not only did the fat go, but so did his clothes as he bared all for Playgirl in a very steamy shoot that showed off his now very chiseled body.

Now, don't think that Stefan stopped there! No way! He also wants all other fatties out there to get their asses in gear and get on the road to fitness and showing off their crown jewels to the world! Pinto wrote his book "Fat To Fit' where he gives his top 50 tips to loose the gut and get happy! Let's take a look at how Stefan looked before he shed the pounds and looked hot:


I gotta say his transformation is quite amazing, and I think that his experience will give lots of peeps out there that are struggling with their weight a chance to see that if you are fat now it doesn't mean you'll be fat forever! You just need loads of determination, the lots of exercise and of course Stefan Pinto's book, of course!

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