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If you like to slip out to a bathhouse every once in a while - or more often than that - you'll know that it's often hard to find a nice selection of gay bears and hairy men to play with. In my town there's a bathhouse that attracts a lot of Asian guys and another that seems to be party boy central. Who wants to wade through tweakers to find someone hot to get sweaty with? But Steamworks is a bathhouse that solves the problem of finding fans of hirsute and bigger man.

If you're lucky enough to live in Berkley, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, or Vancouver, then you'll want to check out the Steamworks monthly "Bears, Baths, and Beyond" event. Held on the fourth Saturday of the month, the Steamworks is packed with hairy men in all shapes and sizes. I've been to this bear event in Toronto a couple of times and I always have a good time. There's such a wide variety of men from muscle bears to 400-pound men who love their big bellies; and there's a lot of bear lovers attending these events, too, so if you like playing with a skinny guy who is going to get off rubbing your own big belly, you've go to check out this event. In Toronto "Bears, Baths, and Beyond" is so popular that they hold it twice a month!

And the Steamworks is a full-service bathhouse with steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas, and workout areas. I can't speak for the other cities, but Toronto's Steamworks has in-room televisions playing a variety of gay porn videos. And they also have a hot playroom with a gloryhole slurp ramp and private gloryholed cubicles that encourage you to get up to all kinds of nastiness. If you're heading to one of these cities, you'll want to schedule your trip so you hit one of these bear events.

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