Starrfucker is for anyone who enjoys sites like Randy Blue and the other recent additions to the gay porn industry. The author here is a photographer for Randy, among other things, also serving as production manager for a bit and who says things such as this (from his bio): ".....I am the guy who picks up the used condoms on the set, the guy who lies on his back holding a spotlight on a model's plugged hole, the guy who... well, you get the idea." This is one of the "good guys", I believe, just judging by his demeanor and his ability to laugh at himself. If nothing else, that is highly recommendable. What he has accomplished at the same time, however, is an intriguing and absolutely fascinating blog and website, developed around hot porn stars and filled with some very informative and sexy sidelights. Naturally, as the title suggests, we get a great rendering of his personal preferences, many of which absolutely zero of us will have an issue with. Yes, these are extremely sexy guys. And there is some steamy sex in there as well. But his approach is more than that - his "Category" section is rife with amusements - check out "Funny Shit" for some belly laughs and embarrassments. He does his very own commentary in a well-written, engaging way that makes the visit more than a little fun. This blog is recommendable as a daily dose of just about whatever turns you on. Amusing and always-sexy, Starrfucker rocks.

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