With thousands of adult male Web sites at our fingertips, you may have noticed that many of them offer very little for their price, while others offer quite a lot to entice you. How does one decide which to join and which not? We all know that, like with any product, looks can be deceiving, and there are few Internet experiences worse than paying good money to join a site, only to find shortly thereafter that there's very little material and updates do not occur frequently enough. If you don't have money blasting out of your asshole on a regular basis, chances are that you have to be very selective about what you pay for online, which makes choosing even more difficult because you don't wanna get ripped off'but at the same time, you really need some fresh porn! What does one do?

Take it from a professional porn hound who lives, breathes, eats and drinks it'there are no guarantees and there are more bad sites than good ones. As technology has advanced, every loser with a Webcam thinks he's the next Jeff Stryker. These punks set up Web sites and attempt to charge people money for what'to watch a crotch-level view of them jacking off every night before beddy-bye. Well'if the dude is exceptionally hot, that's one thing, but most of these guys are not. They are average schmoes with no charisma just trying to make a buck, and they figure we're all desperate enough to pay them for it. Frankly, I don't see the value in staring at faceless jackoff shows that have no sound, are poorly lit so you can barely see anything, and which star people who would certainly never make the cut in professional porn. There are plenty of free cam shows that are just as bad; why pay for it?

A frequent symptom I have noticed on some sites is that they use the same handful of models over'and over'and over'and over. Mind you, if you've got a great model who's beautiful in every way, has a dynamic on-screen presence and all the right equipment, there's nothing wrong with using him again. In fact, if he's got real fans, they'll want to see him a lot. But there's a limit, folks. If every update of the site includes the same models, we're gonna get bored and it will soon become apparent that the owner of the site is one or all of three things: 1. Too cheap to pay new models; 2. Too poor to pay anybody so he's using his boyfriend or next door neighbor for free; 3. Too fuckin' lazy. The site TeenBoyCumParty.com comes to mind. At first, it seemed intriguing enough and populated with lovely Latin boys with an insatiable appetite for semen. But after just a few weeks, it became tiring because the weekly updates were always from the same group of about a dozen models. When you keep watching the same people fuck, you begin to feel married to them, and obviously we don't like that feeling when we're watching porn. Among other things, variety and versatility is a must or it gets dry fast.

But more than the above, if there's anything that stinks out loud, it is sites who do not update their material often enough. I realize that creating fresh content is tough. It requires time, effort, and a shitwad of capital. However, as with any business no matter what it is, the owner of the product must keep the audience in mind and satisfy what they want. If not, we'll go elsewhere. Web sites that update only once per month or even less frequently really piss me off. I have witnessed their tactics closely and it's simply poor showmanship. For example, there is a marvelous foot fetish site that is a heavenly place for foot freaks and well appreciated. BUT'dammit, they update so rarely that it's infuriating. The trick they use in order for porn hounds to renew their memberships is simple and, as unfortunate as it is to say, effective. They update just often enough to keep you coming back. This means they have to put in minimal effort and expense while they collect monthly fees from you. Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down (pun intended). Is it really valuable to pay someone 20 dollars a month just to see one video a month or a coupla photosets? It's only worth it if that one video is really, really, really hot. Most are not.

There's no magic answer here. One has to be a selective shopper when shelling out clams on the Internet. The best tip I can offer is to carefully study the preview sections of Web sites that interest you. Usually, the ones that really deliver what they promise and update every week will show you everything they've got. If a Webmaster is willing to show you preview layouts of his entire catalog of vids and pics so you can see exactly what you would be getting if you joined, then he is likely a confident and honest businessman who's not going to swindle you, but instead wants to get you off and cares about doing so. Those are the Web sites worth joining and maybe even worth renewing memberships to. There have been only three Web sites to which I've maintained a regular monthly subscription, only three sites that I felt were hot enough and provided new material often enough that I have been willing to keep coming back. That's not very many considering how many porn sites there are, but it's money well spent and I rarely get ripped off when exploring other sites because I know the red flags to watch out for. I'm glad GayDemon.com is the 'Consumer Reports' of porn so we can help you guys navigate this wacky cybernetic playground. Until next time, remember that one man's porn is another man's Picasso'whatever that means.



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