Meet Joey from Squirtz. At 18 years old, he's got that boyish innocent look and a natural hairy body - no shaving or trimming for Joey! He's currently taking a year off from college to have fun, work on his guitar playing and experience life, and it looks like part of his experimenting includes doing a porn shoot. Joey got himself worked up for the shoot by telling the camera guys about some of his sexual experimentation - this boy has got a lot of experiences under his belt considering he's 18!

Look at that face! Joey is a cutie with his dark eyes, curly hair, sensuous lips and neatly trimmed facial hair. I must admit I liked his face so much that I wished I could sit on it.


How about that thick, hard veiny shaft with its mushroom head? This is the stuff wet dreams are made of. And as you can see, Joey had no problem getting his cock hard and keeping it hard!


Most first timers get nervous when they're in front of the camera and they speed up. Not Joey. He took it nice and slow, getting the most out of every stroke and really putting on a show till he finally couldn't hold on any longer and just had to shoot his load!


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