Squarehippies is a totally unabashed blog which raves on and appreciates the male form, with particular interest in hairy guys - an obvious favorite. Another recurring and very hot theme involves "shirtlessness". A drop down menu to the right of the page offers a stunning array of shirtless actors, athletes and other noteworthy and popular figures, posed in exactly this manner - shirtless. This blog makes no pretense to being anything other than a best effort at presenting the best eye candy the author can dig up. Indeed, what makes it even more special is seeing the diligence over the years of this guy's efforts - it is actually very impressive. This is not a small, start-up blog whatsoever. This site has very substantial archives of pictures and posts concerning the awesome list of persons chosen for focus. The author also has a great sort of irreverent take on life and on these poses which draws a smile, if not an outright guffaw from time to time. Highly readable, actually surprisingly informative and always a pleasurable visual treat, this blog is a very cool and nearly professional destination.

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