Spy Cans From Guys is a voyeur site featuring, among many other things, home and locker room shower stalls, public and private urinals and rest rooms and some arcade and adult theater shots of guys doing what they do - and often what they are "helped" with doing. Many of these deal with ordinary scenes simply showing lots and lots of guys pissing in a urinal. In some of them an obvious "plant" is there, pissing for what seems to be hours, scoping people out and looking just like he is taking a long leak. But he is most assuredly scouting. There is a mix between what would seem to be more scripted play, especially some of the "home" variety with the great resolution video and the jerking off by staying resolutely in front of the camera. In others, the air of informality abounds and one gets the true sensation of the voyeur, scoping out lots of cocks and asses and even some real hook ups between nice-looking, amenable men. These are especially hot owing to the sensational sort of "peering in" at the beginnings of relationships - where need and lust meet civilization. And Lord knows, there is lust enough for everyone in this naughty little blog. This one is actually very well-done by a virtual "scientist of voyeurism". He mixes the mundane with the sensationally hot clips well. Often funny and sometimes just hot, this little site is worth a longer look.

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