flipped and fucked

Krys hasn't been fucked in a while; he didn't even know if he wanted to get fucked today at Dirty Tony. Honestly, he was looking forward to fucking hot, muscled, Latino guy Fabian. And things looked like they were heading that way when Fabian pulled down Krys boxers and sucks his cock.

But after Krys got to work on Fabian's fat cock, his ass started tingling. He wants to feel the full thrusting power of this Latino muscle man pumping his hole. So Krys gets down on all fours and arches his hungry ass in the air and Fabian warms him up with some gentle and slow strokes.

But once Krys' ass is opened up, the horny cocksucker jumps on Fabian and rides his stiff Latin meat hard. Krys ends up on his back and Fabian fucks him so hard that he shoots his load all over himself. Fabian scoops up Krys' spunk, rubs it all over his dick, and keeps on fucking his ass. Fabian pounds away until he feels his load surging up from his balls, then he grabs Kyrs' head, holds it steady, and squirts a perfect stream on cum right into Krys' mouth. Wow!

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