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Justin Monroe keeps the sexy coming with these scandalous new images. The renowned photographer is famous for his satirical and twisted take on fashion, beauty and art. His 2008 book, Down the Rabbit Hole (Bruno Gmünder), put him on the map, and now a new book, Beautiful, is on the way. In between, Monroe has been churning out highly stylized, provocative and sometimes darkly erotic images. In this case, of porn stars Milan Christopher and Steven Dehler. Monroe incorporates the aesthetics of a form of string bondage into his new "Spring Loaded" shoot. In other words, the edgy muscle studs get all tangled up in each other! Besides his photo projects, the Los Angeles-based artist uses his Monroe-land site to sell merchandise, such as a calendar and Rock Bottom underwear (which have had a famous porn star model or two), and present uncensored versions of his work. His Monroe-land Mag is chock-full of hot men doing naughty things. And on "Trashy Tuesdays," fans of the site will find a new sexually driven image each week. Not that most of his work isn't! Check it out at

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