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Ten-hut! That's army speak for attention, as in his dick stands at attention. Or his body has captured my attention. Or pay attention to his ass.

So can you spot the dick among all that camouflage? Of course you can (and way more easily than I spelled camouflage just now. WTF with the "ou"! Back to military meat, you've got an eye for it. And nothing stands out against camouflage like a hard dick, muscular chest, strong legs, and shitkicking arms.

Hey, let's all not talk about politics and war right now because this is just a fun little uniform/dom kink thing, yeah? Oh fuck, I brought it up. Well good because hello we all know there's troubles and conflicts in the world. And in some cases eroticizing a military uniform could be problematic to some. So then if you're not into it, don't do it. But if you are, you are. Go whole hog. Get into interrogations, boots, forced workouts, army physicals, helping clean up after natural disasters. Okay, that last one maybe isn't so hot.

And yeah, I know I left out the other branches of the military, including the butchest of all, the Coast Guard. Well they do rescue people and crack down on drinking and boating. And they really get into piss play. They all do. And the Marines are into oral. And sailors are into twink orgies. Or probably.

I looked up camouflage condom just to see and looks like the packaging is like camo but the condom is just green, no pattern. Now how are you supposed to fuck in the woods with that on and not get caught by the enemy (aka your drill instructor)? Unless it's a solid green Lego forest.

At least it's true no matter how camouflaged military guy is, he'll always be able to find his own dick. And then hopefully cum on your face.

Now watch a soldier fuck himself. Just cuz.

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