Sporst hot

Here's an odd thing. The title of this site is Sporsthot, but the address reads 'sportshot' so I don't know if it is meant to be 'Sports Hot' or 'Spors Thot' or what! But I do know that the opening image of my visit was of Mario Götze, a German football player, in tight underwear with an apparent stiffy, followed by several more images of this hot jock topless or in wet shorts. So, what's in a name anyway? Looking through the other pics - and there are many of them - it soon becomes clear that the photo blog is about sportsmen. You've got shots of them on the field, at work, at play, naked, posed for advertisements, sometimes naked, and then you've got some of their 'fun' pics, as well. Like naked rugby teams playing a game (ouch!) and other teams of guys showing off in the bar. Those kind of prank pics that 'butch' guys in groups do where they put socks over their dicks and pose. This blog has a main page that scrolls on forever - well, it feels like it - and it also has category links, and the start of a community area with followers. But most of all it has hot photos of sportsmen and their bulging muscles.

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