forced sex in bar

A cocky party boy finds his way into this bar. He sits at the bar and starts running his mouth, bragging about this, that, and the other thing. He's so hot and everyone wants a piece of him, that kind of stuff. Wayne is the kind of guy that perverted fucks Adrian and Dave like to have fun with. You know, bring them down a few pegs and show them that they're really not all that.

Adrian and Dave surprise this cute stud from behind and wrestle him off his bar stool and onto the floor. Dave sits on Wayne and takes care of his upper half while Adrian corals his legs and pulls down his jeans. "Oh, look at this!" Adrian says, "What a lovely little ass, we're going to have fun with this one, Dave." Wayne's squirming and yelling, but he's pinned pretty good. It'd go easier if he just resigned himself to the idea that he going to service some cock this afternoon.

Adrian rams his hard-on into this party boy's ass, and while Adrian starts pounding, Dave climbs off the boy, moves around to his head, and shoves his cock down Wayne's throat. These two bar brutes fuck this pretty boy from both ends, slapping him around and calling him names, and they laugh when he begs them to stop. Wayne's ordeal isn't going to end until he takes two loads of cum in his mouth.

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