Things for porn couple Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey have not been too good recently and over the weekend it seems as though things have taken a turn for the worse.

According to Spencer (via his official Twitter) a drunk Phillip attacked him and slit his arm down to the muscle. He tweeted that he was in the hospital and that he was o.k but needed 27 stitches. Spencer also mentioned that Phillip was in jail and he was "happy" about that.

Understandably, Spencer is shaken up by what has happened and he tweeted that even with all the pain meds he was on, he was finding it hard to sleep. Wow! This is really sad news, not only 'cos things ended so badly, but also because anytime there is any kind of physical abuse it is hard to get over, and sometimes it can take a long time to heal and get over such an incident.

I seriously do hope that Spencer sorts himself out, and as he tweeted: "Life is odd sometimes... but everything happens for a reason.. time to pick up the pieces and start a better life." Now, can I get an amen up in here!?

Source: The Sword

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