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A few months back hot porn couple Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey let the world know that is they fucked on camera it would only be with each other and they would remain monogamous, in the traditional sense of the word.

Well, for some reason that didn't last very long, and the latest scene from shows both Spencer and Phillip fuck the living daylights outta Shane Frost individually. So what could have made them changed their minds? Well, for starters I think that they know that even their most loyal of fans would soon get bored of just seeing them fuck each other all the time. Porn is all about fantasy and once you have seen a couple fuck on a DVD more than 3 or 4 times, well, honey - the jig is up!

Spencer decided to clear the spunk filled air and took to his tumblr to give fans his definition of monogamy. This is what the XXX-tra hunky Spencer Reed had to say about his relationship:

"Well its really not easy. I mean were monogamous off camera so of course we dont want each other fucking other guys. But it is work and we are both very professional with other models. It takes alot of trust to have a porn relationship. We have never really had any issues with it because we respect its what we do."

So, I guess this means we are going to be seeing these two doing a whole lot more sucking and fucking on camera while keeping their private lives, well, PRIVATE!

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