In this day and age of bareback porn, when almost every major studio has some form of BB scene with some hot porners, it's good to see that some porn stars are still fighting to keep sex safe on set of gay porn flicks and off.

One such hunk is the always-delicious and UBER-HOTTIE Spencer Reed. He recently said that people will do as they what they see on screen, and if every porn stud is out there having unprotected sex then all the gays who watch them will be bare-backing like crazy!

His words:

"I feel porn stars are sex icons," explained gay porn model, Spencer Reed. "People do what they watch on screen. That's where people learn from. As an icon, I have a responsibility.In today's day and age, there's a lot of things out there, I'm always safe. I have safe sex as often as possible."

Well, it's good to know that he is safe but I don't quite get the last part, safe sex "as often as I can". I mean, is that when he remembers? When he's not drunk? When he's in the mood? Regardless of what that last part, it's good to see a star like him stick up for safe sex! YAY for Condoms!!

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