If a donut shop claims to have the best donuts in town, and if they want their business to prosper, what must they do? They must provide the best donuts in town, or a semblance thereof, otherwise their reputation is worthless. Any business which claims to specialize in a certain product or service must prove their commitment to the value of that specialty. If a burger joint claims to offer sandwiches that are 3 times the size of those offered at other burger joints, then those sandwiches better be just that. If they are a third of the size of an average burger, than there is no commitment to the specialty and it's blatantly obvious to the consumer.

Case in point, there are way, way too many porn sites that claim to specialize in certain areas, be they fetishes, certain kinds of models, etc., that ultimately don't deliver the quality one would expect from a site claiming to have a sharp focus. Here are three examples of a simple pass/fail test to determine the legitimacy of specialized claims.

Foot Fetish - if you've got a foot site which claims to have the hottest boys with the hottest feet doing naughty things to each other's little piddies, then one would hope that the quality of the models, or at least the sensual appeal of their feet, would be a focus of the producers. Yet, I continue to see foot site after foot site which offer totally mediocre models, many of which have average or below average feet. If you're gonna shoot a vid of a dude rubbing and licking his feet, what good is it if the feet in question are nasty with malformed toes, misshapen or missing toenails, or just plain ugly feet? Seems like the talent scout would be looking for feet that are attractive from a general point of view, and that look good on camera. Too many producers who probably don't even understand foot fetishes are looking for feet, but they aren't being discerning about their model selections. Blah. What's the point of a foot fetish site with scary feet belonging to dudes who don't give a shit about feet in the slightest?

Barely Legal Boys - while it's true that there are many boys who may be in their twenties but still look like they're fresh outta mama's womb, there are some dudes that just can't hide their age. If you've got a site promising 18 to 21-year olds, then dammit that's what the site should offer. Sure, we can't check the ID of the models to verify, and it isn't really that important whether they're 18 or 24 if they look good and serve the theme of the site. But it's truly annoying when a site puts up an older model with a statement like, 'We know this guy is older than most of our models, but he's so hot that we couldn't resist using him'. Simple translation: they couldn't find anybody young and hot that week, so they went with an older guy who doesn't belong on the site. All sorts of guys of all ages are hot, but if you've got a theme to a site, stick to it or expand the theme.

Ethnic Sites - ever visited a site that specializes in a certain ethnicity, and then you begin to wonder if the producers of the site have even the slightest clue as to the difference between an African guy or a Latin guy or an Asian guy? I find it laughable when I visit a site supposedly specializing in Latin men, yet a good chunk of the models are Asian. The same can be said of sites that specialize in Asian but work in a few Latin or African boys into the mix. It's as if the producers figure 'color is color', so who cares. Frankly, there's a great deal of difference between an Asian dude and a Latin dude, and while they can both be hotties, someone who joins a Latin site wants to see Latin dudes, not whatever else is tossed in to fill a gap. It ultimately makes the producers of the site look inept.

Whatever you're advertising, one should deliver what one promises. GayDemon.com promises to deliver helpful reviews of sites and other products to assist you in making purchase or rental decisions and to save you from getting ripped off. That's exactly what it does and it makes no false promises. I like that a lot, and that's one of the reasons I'm happy to contribute to the site. It is what it says, it provides what it claims, and it doesn't stray from the point. That's good business; simple as that.



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