Spanked And Fucked Hard

Fireman Mikey is a very dominant man when paired up with the likes of a submissive bottom like Petty Officer Tanner. All American Heroes loved getting this full scene on video as he treated Tanner like his little bitch. Things begin by Mikey ordering the petty officer down to his knees to service his already hard dick. Tanner complies, of course, as any other reaction would not go over well. Firefighter Mikey prefers his asses red and warm, so he proceeds to spank Tanner hard across his buttocks with his open hand. The obedient bottom is torn between liking what is being done to him, as well as wondering if he might have bitten off more than he could chew. His feelings soon change, however, once Mikey slides his engorged cock up inside his tight military asshole. As once the fucking begins, Tanner knows his place on the hierarchy - and can't get enough of that big cock!

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