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Spanking in a fairly recent discovery for me. I didn't know I was into it until I checked out a couple of spanking sites and found a stiffy tenting in my shorts. If you like younger guys ranging from 18 to 24, Spank This is a good site to look at. And Gay Demon recently freshened up their site review.

The spankings occur in a variety of places like bedrooms and hotels, outdoors, the principal's office, and even a few dungeon playrooms. The spankers dole out their punishment in different ways as well -- bare hands, belts and straps, paddles, and other things. And with 528 videos in the member's vault there's a lot to take in, although it looks like the update schedule has hit a bit of a dry spell and Spank This hasn't added new content since January 2013. Still, you'd be hard pressed to get through 500+ videos in a month, so it's still worth joining.

Spank This is run by Helix Studios, so you'll also get access to nearly 1,500 other twink sex videos. I really enjoyed watching these twinks struggling and squirming while their asses turn beat red. And while some of these guys are spanked by other guys their age, there is one older spanker, a man in his thirties, who is particularly good at not only handing out a good beating, but giving these bad guys shit while he's doing it.

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