felix barca and diego fucking

Felix Barca lives in Germany now, but he's originally from Barcelona. A fuck buddy of his, Diego, was visiting Berlin and they were taking in the Hustlaball party. It's been a while since they've fucked and they're both big exhibitionists. They've been wanting to film one of their horny fuck sessions for a while.

They bumped into World of Men and decided this was the perfect time to get naked and screw for the cameras. Felix is bearded and hairy; Deigo's wearing a sexy beard, too, but he's mostly smooth except for a furry patch on his belly. They're both packing juicy fat, uncut dicks.

After swapping blowjobs, Felix sits on his Spanish buddy's thick cock and goes for a ride. Then Diego puts the hairy bottom on his back and pounds him hard until Felix lets loose with a big stream of cum and showers his hairy belly with spunk. What a way to warm up for the Hustlaball!

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