If you think there are polarizing figures in politics, try these guys. You are allowed to have two reactions: hateful and not as hateful. Okay, you can like them if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.

It is kinda cute I guess that they are poking fun at gay stereotypes, though the satan wallpaper worshipping one is beyond me. I mean who puts candles around a MacBook? How are you supposed to use the trackpad if you're forearms are on fire in holy damnation? I mean unholy.

The smoothie thing is fucking annoying though. When you get up in the afternoon, is it really time for a get up and go smoothie? Does morning or breakfast have no meaning anymore?

Please ignore that spin brush product placement. Those things do no good and can irritate the skin unless they are the absolute softest version of the higher end kind. And for one of those here is my discount code: FUCKMEINTHEASSWITHASPINBRUSH. Valid from now until my ass is tired.

You can get replacement Spin Brush heads with the code: APPLYTHESPINBRUSHTOMYNIPSUNTILICREAM. Valid from now until I cream.

Yeah, fuck these guys. Now where are my 196,441 YouTube followers dammit? Maybe I should start a YouTube channel first. That would probably help.

As would being insufferable. Maybe I'll ask them for tips.

And if you think these guys are cute, I'm okay with that. They aren't officially hurting anyone. Except that cucumber. Plants are people too.

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