Something for the Weekend: Watch Hunting Season

A lot of shows have tried to be the gay Sex and the City, including Sex and the City itself. And they’ve all generally failed. Enter Hunting Season, which utterly succeeds and is a genuine pleasure to watch. It's not a SATC clone, but does draw some inspiration and I've drawn some inspiration from it.

I’m a bit late to the game on this one, as the first season of this web series came out 3+ years ago (ancient history!) and the second and seemingly final season in 2015. But hey, it’s new to me. And if it’s new to you too, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s the first episode of Season 1 and you can watch all of Season 1 (censored versions) at (scroll down once you're there and definitely watch in order).

Or you pay to watch Season 1 uncensored on Vimeo. And Season 2 uncensored (just 4 episodes but they're more than twice as long) is also on Vimeo on Demand.

Porn actor experts will notice a cameo in episode 1. Now these are the censored versions, which I think just means pixellated dicks. His takes a lot of pixels anyhow.

The lead, Ben Baur, is a talented, out gay actor. Here’s a quick interview with him on Hey Qween.  and a bonus clip. But I suggest watching the show first so you see him in character. 

Soundtrack is pretty great too. Whole thing reminded me of my younger years and being more free spirited, idealistic, romantic, risk-taking, trying to figure it out (or even not caring that I can’t) vs. thinking I have.  

Plus just looking at gay guys having a wide range of interactions shows how overall stiltedly limited images of gays, sexual and romantic adventures, soul searching, and all that are just still basically invisible media wise, so it's good to seek out projects like this. 

But I’m not just latching onto this as great just because it’s filling that void. I just genuinely liked it. Plus they managed to never have a single pun. That’s one thing I’m glad they didn’t take from Sex and the City

Because this whole thing is based on a real life blog called The Great Cock Hunt, supposedly written by a Gawker writer anonymously. With artistic liberties and brought into the semi-present. Enjoy.

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