It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere so perfect time for speedo football on the beach. Make that thong-back speedo football on the beach. Yeah, I didn't capitalize speedo even though it's a brand name, because it's generic enough like jello or bandaid. Speedo can sue me. I hope they wear speedos in court to do it and that the person who serves me with my papers is wearing a speedo.

The only time I will uppercase speedo (except in some past post here where I probably did) is if the guy has a boner in the speedos. Because then the penis is the exclamation point.

Did I mention the music here is horrible? But you knew that. I wonder what would be better accompaniment. Maybe something by Mozart or Brahams or Kanye? All geniuses. Though none as genius as Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and solo (masturbation) career. I mean to be so annoying and egotistical and superficial and still be famous. How does something like that happen?

Does fame mean anything anymore?

To me it means play football on the beach in a thong-back speedo and you're famoue (on YouTube) forever. Add a horrible soundtrack and you're infamous.

You Southern Hemisphere folks (except South Pole) I guess have it much warmer now. So maybe someone should make a thong-back snowsuit video. You'd dig the combination of freedom, constriction, sweat, coverage and exposure. Confusingly hot it would be.

I normally don't acknowledge the other hemisphere, but as we're all hurtling through space together, I figure I ought to give you all some play. How very bi-hemispherosexual of me.

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