All courtesy of this ridiculously fun, bouncy video featuring Detox as a gentile dating a Jewish guy and encountering their version of a "Christmas" dinner. It's a track from the pretty darn popular holiday album Christmas Queens, now available on iTunes. And if you're looking for drag queen holiday albums, my money's on this one, rather than RuPaul's recent release.

Although RuPaul has iconicized the phrase "now available on iTunes" to the point that should be the name of a song.

Of course the cliché usage of Yiddish phrases (as if Yiddish is just little comedy words rather than having its own fully grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc.) is annoying. But when you have to fit it into a song lyric, what the hell, why not. The Orthodox Jew look is full-on caricature but there's no prosthetic nose or money bag so I'm fine with it, as long as it has a beat behind it. Best not to think too hard about it. Besides Detox wearing those stretch pants to the dinner and leading off by tripping on the front lawn sets the classless tone.

I find the site of shirtless guys in yamalkes quite wonderful and i would like them to be the featured background dancers of several performers including Beyonce (no I'm not going to bother putting the accent mark on the "e" even though I already have one handy in the word cliché), Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Okay, hell no on the Taylor Swift thing though. The blonde lady with dancing Jews behind her. Mixed messages!

I do know these aren't exactly Orthodox Jew dancers though (of course they couldn't be Orthodox and do such a thing in the first place, but also because at least 2 of them are tattooed which is no (the voluntary tattoo anyhow).

I need a Jew-way now. It's like a threeway, but the Jewish way. Which is awesome. As is Detox and the cast of this concoction. Fun!

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