Sexy superstar Katya Zamolodchikova (of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 fame) has just stomped down the funniest Ring My Bell ever. In my humble opinion. If you're not familiar with Ring My Bell, it's a long running World of Wonder web series in which celebutantes (somewhere between Z and C list (as in not George Clooney) take Skype calls on a fake orange phone in a sub-basement of World of Wonder's LA production offices.


Well it is when Katya's involved. She knows how to make her fans feel special. And sexually violated. My favorite parts are the blatant flirting with a fellow yoga instructor and telling everyone that their name is her favorite. I need to try that in other contexts, like:

  • Your dick is my favorite!
  • Your horrible dinner you made for me is my favorite!
  • Your lack of ability to connect emotionally is my favorite!
  • Your unaccommodating asshole is my favorite!
  • Your omnipresent, mood-killing roommate is my favorite!

I can see why she sticks with your name is my favorite.

Want more of her verbal insanity and sexy campiness? Head to her slick YouTube channel We Love Katya or just search for her on YouTube to your heart's content. If you just search for her last name though, you'll end of with a gold-medal winning Russian gymnast, from whom she took her last name.

And if you're wondering if she's high, the answer is no. But she totally used to be a meth head. Now she is a wig head. Not the same thing.

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