Something for the Weekend: Purse First by Bob the Drag Queen

Walk into the room purse first! And in case you don't own a purse, it's a metaphor meaning lead with what you love about yourself. If you're running short on things you love about yourself, then dammit pick one, or twenty, and lead with it.

It's time.

First name Bob. Last name The Drag Queen. And deserved, fabulously entertaining (and highly political thankfully) winner of Season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race released this single on the day she won. And now we've all won.

Because this very '90s house track is clever, bouncy, quick, energetic, mixological, rambunctious and glamorous. Get in on iTunes (because it's solid and because we need to support artists in the LGBTQIBOBTHEDRAGQUEEN community.

No, it's not pure writhing beefcake. Sexiness is not that literal, though if you're a femme fan, this is immediately sexy as fuck. 

Just think about it though. This is better than most pop singers of the day. Will it be mainstream Top 10? Actually, maybe on a dance chart since some RPDR alum have cracked that, or even the comedy chart. It's just so collaborative though. At DragCon, there was this kid who dressed up as Purse (well-featured on the season) and Bob got the kid into the the video for a split second anyhow. 

Making your fans stars. Love. Now excuse me while I walk into my toilet ass first. Because I love my ass.

And I've heard that's how toilets work. Except backwards in the southern hemisphere. So I think you put your face in it. Also fun.

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