Something for the Weekend: Michael's Sister Reads His Grindr

Just when you thought every permutation of this person reacts to this (Grindr edition) was done, here comes a guy's sister reading his Grindr messages. 

One gets the feeling the fight they had where she said no way in hell would she read his Grindr messages was just won by him before the video starts. Perhaps he promised her a lunch at Olive Garden?

And perhaps he should have promised his prospective dates a lunch at Olive Garden. He would have gotten a better response. Instead, his messages reveal a mix of borderline illegal and generally fully pathetic adventures.

A normal day on Grindr or in this world.

Still perhaps true love will bloom. Once the camera turned off and his sister does an intervention, such as by deleting Grindr off his phone and signing him up for a book club. Though he'd probably be the only one to manage to hook up with a male escort at a book club.

That's how Oprah ended up with Stedman anyhow. The magic of books that is. I"m not at all implying he's an escort. Though if he is, being the kept man of a billionaire is probably the way to go. As the kept boy of millionaires, I know what I'm talking about. By the way, I'm totally getting sick of giving millionaires head. It's like it doesn't even have meaning anymore. 

Well at least I'm not on Grindr or anything crazy like that.

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