Something for the weekend: Let Matt Alber Serenade You

Oh wow, Matt Alber is talented. And no, you won't see him with a guest mentor appearance on The Voice, although, hell, listen and you'll know he's just so good. If Bonnie Raitt were super in charge of everything, she would appreciate and elevate him.

Music styles are different, but the tone, damn. Makes me think of Rufus Wainwright of course. And Jay Brannan. Plus Shawn Colvin. Suzanne Vega. Just so talented.

And here's a whole concert. Even if you have it playing in the background while you do some long overdue chores (like shaving your hairy slave), do play it. 

And please all take 10% of what you spend on crap music to give some consideration to this openly gay, openly bear, openly talented fella. That could mean seeing him in person too. For a concert I mean. Gosh, get your mind out of the gutter, he's not an escort. Or if he is, he's a folk escort, kinda mellow while he spanks you. Really great at BDSM aftercare.

I think his next album has a song about it: BDSM Spells I Love You.

With B-Side: It Feels So Good to Hurt You So Bad.

He's sensitive.

Here's my prior gush on Matt Alber. Hey it's GayDemon.  I have to work the word "gush" or "spurt" in there somewhere.

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