That's Jiz with one z because it's a guy. But don't worry, because lowercase jizz with a double z is still totally involved. When he's not directing Randy Blue porn videos, he's busy making weird as fuck and hilariously offensive as fuck dub videos that violate all decency. So basically, he's doing the Lord's work. A modern day pornographic messiah here to rain down straight up totally wrong sophisticated yet immature crap comedy on all our naked heads.

Totally worth your time. No, really! Prepare to love or hate these. Or maybe both if you're versatile.

Or dubs of a porn video setup between coach and two of his jocks.

Here he is gossiping about his work directing for Randy Blue. He doesn't name names so it's up to you to guess! Is it one of these guys? Get to sleuthing!

But ultimately, it's all about the Golden Shower Girls. I'm sure Bea Arthur would be rolling over in her grave over this. With laughter. Then she'd contact her attorney.

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