These guys were all taking part of an "HIV Stripped Bare" awareness campaign photoshoot and while on the set were presented with real messages from dating apps. This is just slightly more educational (as in 100% more educational) than the Jimmy Kimmel "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves" series. Because we know when someone calls Bono a pretentious pig, they're right.

I'm just guessing someone tweeted that. If they haven't, I'll tweet it quickly so it can be true.

If you think there's just one monolithic reaction to these messages, that's not the case. Watch for yourself.

Now in my opinion, the most important point is how these messages are reflective not of a dating preference but of stigma and ignorance informing (or ill-informing) interactions. We may be avatars online and in-app but there are real people behind those avatars. Real ignorance. Real feelings. Stigma can deter people from being tested, from communicating with partners, from taking care of themselves.

A seemingly offhand comment can hurt and divide. And an intentionally hurtful comment can bounce off its target and send one's dating and hook-up karma to the dumpster.

And not the fun dumpster with hot garbage men. (Yes, I know that's not a typically hot uniform like construction worker, but they wear overalls sometimes and would probably clean up okay after 30 showers or are pleasantly stinky if you're into that). 

No I mean the dumpster of ignorance. Because that ignorance is not bliss. 

Anyhow, this is just my reaction to the video. Feel free to have your own. I might come off a bit preachy on this one but honestly things are pretty fucked up nowadays that this kind of meanness is still going on so it pisses me off. Plus I'm pissed off I'm not in England because civic-minded, well-spoken hotties make me wet. I just can't exactly figure out what part of me gets wet because I'm a guy. My brain I guess.

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