Something for the Weekend: Handsome Man by Matt Alber

Openly gay (and openly bear) Matt Alber has a glorious voice. Takes me back to hearing Rufus Wainwright for the first time. This video (song and visuals) are well worth your time. 

Grabbed this from his Wiki, because, yeah:

"I am very happy to have a lot of gay fans. I'm not saying I'm a spokesman for my people, but I love singing to my people. Especially gay guys who are all lovey dovey with each other. Because so often we’re cruising each other, clicking each other away in [computer] windows, and being kind of cold to each other."


Now I'm a big proponent of the idea that it's not how you meet, it's that you meet. So certainly connections can be made online through the computer window, but so can they be so easily clicked away. We're people in front of these screens. Technology aside, we're people. We're here. 

And I think as we see people living supposedly perfect lives on display on these screens, or in person, they are people too. And so are the people who can't afford a computer in the first place. His music makes me feel is all. And want to connect. 

So when I see a handsome man on the street who over the past couple of years has walked hand in hand with the same other handsome man, but recently he has walked consistently alone, I say he's the same handsome man as when he was in a couple. It's just a different kind of gay postcard, but full of possibility.

And that is pride, being okay with being alone in a crowd, even with feeling lonely, knowing being in that place can be a start to whatever follows, which may just be for a while the handsome, special man you see in the mirror.

All things Matt Alber this way. Forgive the hard to see navigation and click around to find out when he's on tour and find more of his music. So much to hear. In his music, and all around us, if we listen.

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