No not that semi-diverting show Shark Tank in which wannabe entrepreneurs hawk their mostly useless inventions or concepts to greedy, already stinking rich, business freaks. Although a gay version of that would be welcome if by gay it means someone invents an actual rainbow unicorn.

Though would an actual rainbow unicorn cooperate in being monetized? Or just fly free, spreading rainbow unicorn rainbows across the universe? Probably the latter, until the drugs wore off.

Nope, this is a 2012 retro video featuring all the big queer and queer-adjacent stars of yesteryear and today who would be actual A-listers if the world were non-queer hating. I mean am I the only one who think Coco Peru would be perfectly lovely on the cover of Vanity Fair?

Or at minimum, Nun's Life.

This video is actually like Chat Roulette meets the worst of personal sites. Aaah, Chat Roulette, those were the horrible days. Fortunately, this is absolutely hilarious. The only one who is not actually seeming to play a character is Neil Patrick Harris' husband David Burtka who's just being a cheerful theater queen, who he is in real life. Which is fine, but I think his character would have been a lot more interesting with a dick in his mouth.

This really is a supergenius video. And what better way to help kick off 2016 with something from 2012 that was so neat I at first assumed it was from 2016.

So the lesson here is just because something is modern and interesting doen't mean it's new. For instance, Willam Belli's face is anything but new. I almost said that of Coco Peru but she's a nice old lady and she could kick my ass. With words. So I'll slam Willam instead. She's used to it.

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