Not all gay guy made music is dance pop. AB SOTO's new track Queen Daddy is edgier than all that. And Tom Goss' Son of a Preacher Man is a whole darn mini-movie. 

It's a good time to point out that if gay folks supported gay guy-made music a much as they support Katy Perry and her pop-ilk, there would be a few dozen more gay trillionnaires. Which could nicely filter down to whatever gay hookers those guys want to hire. Isn't that what people do when they get rich?

No, you don't have to buy something just because it's gay made. Like I don't want a fucking waffle right now, even if Richard Simmons made it. I don't want Richard Simmons' fucking waffles. He can't make me eat them. Nobody can.

I like to pick very unimportant things to take powerful stands on. I should probably be more politically involved as I don't think waffles are the key issue facing the world today. Although perhaps waffles could help save the ozone layer.

See if someone was going to go on a Sunday drive in their gas guzzler car, but instead they make waffles and pass out in a food coma because they ate all the waffles, then they would never end up going for a drive so there would be less pollution in the atmosphere.

But if they eat all the waffles and become a seductive bear, then dozens of bear lovers may want to drive over to his place, so the bear/waffle orgy would put all that exhaust from all those bear-lovers' cars into the atmosphere.

Moral of the story? Maybe buy these tracks on iTunes and if you're going to a bear orgy, carpool.

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