GayDemon is on major testosterone overload. Clearly. And this is a good thing. A good, hard, cum-exploding, group gay gang banging, shower spanking, tickle bondaging, foot parading, cocksucking, assfucking thing. And yet, there is a whole other world to consider. A ballet beauty with dexterity for days and a body to admire.

Lasciviously, aesthetically, artistically, or all of the above.

Boylesque is alive and kicking, despite this being a bit of a vintage find. Can we really call 2013 vintage? You remember 2013. It was that year you did that thing with that guy then that other thing with that other guy. Then you went somewhere and got paid for whatever you did. Then you ate a sandwich. Yeah, 2013!

Remember that episode of Fame (no you don't) where the school board was insisting that the High School of Performing Arts add a gym class. Despite everyone taking dance. So they had to prove that dance was exercise too. They brought a football team in from another school and put them through their paces in the dance studio. They tuckered out way before the dancers.

Yes, it was acting, but it's still true. Dance is hard. Okay, maybe modern dance isn't if your modern dance involves sitting in a chair for 35 minutes making an artistic statement about the nature of chairs. But otherwise, it's tough. And it results in ass cheeks of wonderful doom.

Time for Paris Original. A person, not just a perfume. I'm assuming the perfume thing. Someone make that happen though. It smells like talent.

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