Here is the very definition of a ditty. As in bubblegum poppy confection of Valentine's Day positivity. In yaoi/yuri style.

So it's cute as heck. But what gets me (in a good way) is that it made me imagine having grown up with this type of positivity. So if you didn't, while you can't go back in time and have some fantasy gay/bi adolescence, with day-glo clothing and giant eyes, how can you live your life now as if you hadn't had your sexual expression, your very identity, suppressed?

How can you choose to live now as if you'd had an adolescence? And an overall good one. It's too easy to see sexual minorities live our lives in some extended adolescence because we didn't get one. But it is fair to say we may have different definitions of what constitutes a date, and different definitions and approaches around seduction, dating, casual vs. serious, just everything.

It's not enough to focus one's attention on a person you like. What kind of attention is it going to be? Are you going to be seductive? Caring? Sweep someone off their feet, whatever that even means? Are you leading with action or talk or some combination? And once they "have you" who are they actually getting in their life?

For those of us who don't have a Valentine officially (and you can always just say Bradley Cooper is your Valentine because he doesn't know the people in your so can't specifically contradict your claims), but for those of us who just don't have someone, you do have someone.

You. But only if you are you, not some story someone thinks about you, not even necessarily your past, and especially not some future you think there is no escaping (like "I'll never meet that special person!"). They say it just takes the one. But by that they normally mean that person you're looking for. 

The one is you. And you're already here. Stop looking. Then you can be love. No need to find. Nothing to search for. It's already here.

And all that from a one minute ditty. Guess I had it percolating.-

P.S. Confidential to the video producers. Being bi is not being in-between gay and straight. It's just being bi. Orientation isn't a straight line. But I still dig the video, folks. Way better than me posting one of those horrible gay marriage proposal cutesy things. Yuck! (See how I worked in a bit of bitterness? Gotta be me.)

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