Something for the Weekend: Drag Queen Goes to Trump Rally

That's drag star Courtney Act at a suburban Connecticut Trump rally. I'm impressed at her intimidation factor that nobody super fucked with her. Perhaps she edited out the part where she kicked their asses with her psychic blonde powers.

And perhaps they didn't even realize Courtney is a drag queen. Because seemingly, the only ones who did notice were RPDR fans protesting the rally.

This would be a good time to make sure you're registered to vote, because the rally attendees will be voting, unless they're too busy nuking gay baby seals that day.

The loseringist winner or winneringest loser is the skinhead who chose the banner he did because it was the only banner he had. I wonder if he also brings it to Little League games. 

Probably not because Little League is racially integrated.

This video is all about letting people reveal where they are coming from and the viewer then deciding. Spoiler alert: bigotry, as inflamed by willful ignorance,  has found a home in this particular campaign. This is not a radical statement. 

Bonus video: Courtney's To Russia with Love, which came out during the Sochi anti-LGBT drama. Drag queens and politics do mix, past and present and future.

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