Something for the Weekend: Dance

As in move it. And if that means wiggle your ass extra while you're getting fucked or wiggle your ass extra while you're volcano-ing some cum out of your dick, then goodie. Call it dancing.

And if it means bopping to Fonzie (from classic TV show Happy Days) but a gay punk version from seven years ago, then that's dancing, too.

Hunx & His Punx brings you '50s (oh geez, at some point we're going to have to specify 1950s vs. 2060s, yikes) plus some '80s plus some homo don't give a fuck. Which works because '80s was also inspired by the '50s, skinny ties and all. 

Where are they now? I sort of found this. So they've had some reincarnations, but there are 3 actual albums available, so check it. Or just dance to this one on repeat. Or look them up on the wild internet. It's that thing the video would feature if it were made now, instead of phone sex.

Though phone sex is still a thing, just without the phone. 

Now dance in your bedroom or living room or in the public library where you're reading this or during Organic Chemistry class. 

And remember we get to date and fuck up when we date. We don't have to have all this figured out now. RuPaul says if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?

But what about in the meantime? Because nobody full on totally loves themselves (as an action) every minute. Sometimes dating and falling in love and trying and failing and dancing and being silly and all that is just called live. And it's a way toward love.

Now Gimmie Gimmie a dance, baby.

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