Something for the Weekend: Colby Keller Teaches Prostates 101

Sort of like 101 Dalmatians, except about human prostates. Glenn Close used to be in it as the villain but she was cut for time. This is a classic from the 480p Manhunt video vaults, but I never saw it so it's new to me. Kind of like Game of Thrones would be. I've already been to a lesbian bar on uniform night. I imagine it's the same thing.

Colby would be a great health class teacher, wouldn't he?

Or maybe a shop teacher in some sort of smock. An assless smock. 

Or an art teacher who gives private body painting classes. Though my luck, he's paint me to look like a lemon meringue pie then say he was watching his sugar intake so he'd go fuck the guy he painted to look like a rice cake.

Really, I can't win with him.

So after you watch this video,  check out this obscene scene of a bearded Colby putting theory into practice. "Theory" is what he calls his dick.

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