Not bottomless as in bottomless cup of coffee. Bottomless as in this is an apron-only situation. And apron's don't have anything going on in the back. Except me standing behind a guy who is only wearing an apron.

Still, these are a WTF moment. Slick production values. Gorgeous kitchen. Nothing startlingly amazing about the recipes or instructional aspect. But something very wonderful about imagining this guy cooking for you. I mean, seriously, I just officially added cooking to the requirements on all of my future husbands.

His bio says he digged that kitchen sex scene in 9 1/2 Weeks. Which who didn't, but that movie still majorly sucked. If I had Kim Basinger in a blindfold in my kitchen, I'd probably just eat everything by myself while she was expectantly waiting for food sex. Then I'd watch Judge Judy because Judge Judy is awesome. And makes a much better judge than Kim Basinger would. 

To be clear (in case this clues you in that he's your next door neighbor) his name is ADRIAN DE BERARDINIS (all caps from his YouTube bio). I'd shout my name in all caps too if I filled out an apron like that. To be fair, the only reason I can't fill out an apron like that is because I don't own an apron. I don't technically need one because I don't cook splattering food naked. 

My official opinion is that it's ridiculous to invest this much in these videos so he must know someone who made these as a favor. Like, you film these videos and in exchange you get to see me naked but for an apron. Sounds fair to me. I suppose he can market chef services with these, or ultimately use it as a glorified personal ad. Hey wait, it totally worked on me! But I'm a sucker for everything about him, except that horrible "BLESSED" tattoo on his back. I mean, it's true, but does he have to remind me how he hit the body lottery?

Some goodies, including a gallery and more about this guy, are at And it's quite surprising famed cartoon bear and essentially naked foodie Yogi Bear never registered that website. I guess he was too busy stealing picnic baskets. Plus he did wear a hat and tie so that's not exactly naked. 

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