Something for the Weekend: Award-Winning Bulge

This rower is winning a medal for, I'm guessing, rowing. Though he really should win for bulging.

To be fair, this isn't really an erection. It's just super tight shorts covering a dick that's pointing up. And his lack of self-consciousness if further proof he's not erect, unless he's a really good actor. 

But those who are both successful athletes and actors are not super common. Except, of course, the amazing Burt Reynolds. He was really good at football, and the sport of making ex-wife Loni Anderson's life a living hell.

Since the Rio Olympics are pretty much a geo-political, corrupt nightmare, you can skip right to the bulges. Rio is for one thing doing it's best to even more greatly segregate, hide and isolate the poor, in order to present a shiny fake image of their city. Though they may not exactly be abel to avoid the whole sewage in the water thing. Good luck, triathletes! Hope you've had your shots.

So see how comforting looking at bulge can be? Hell, there's plenty to find around here. No need to get into the Olympics at all. I am a sports fan though, and rowing is pretty neat. 

I may need to have a bulge Olympics of my own. Now remembering they had not allowed the use of Olympics in the original Gay Olympics, thus it was called Gay Games (and still is). Meanwhile, Rat Olympics was fully authorized.

I would therefore like to request Zeus come down from Mt. Olympus and smite somebody, whatever smite means. Or at least spank. I know what that means.

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