This is either supernatural or super stupid. Or both. I'll tell you the premise and then you can skip ahead to the 2:15 mark (or watch first part to get warmed up). 

These are mock coffee table books that didn't sell. And one in particular features a ghost that would do well to model in extremely low rent gay porn.

I can't imagine the frustration, though, of being a ghost into being rimmed. You squat on someone's face and no tongue action happens because you are not solid. Of course, in this case, he's squatting on the bed, but as he can't actually touch the physical object, he's actually floating in a squat position.

Like you may have done if you have to use a sketchy public toilet.

Some ghosts can interact with the corporeal world of course. And I mean by theoretical common definitions of ghosts, not as a statement of fact. But if you do wake up with the distinct physical sensation of sphincter face and some demanding ghost saying "Rim me now, bitch!" when nobody is in the room, you've been asshole ghosted.

This may earn you an appearance on the Maury Povich Show. He's running out of topics.

P.S. Why does a ghost wear socks? Does Amazon deliver to the afterlife? Like with a new AfterPrimeNow app?

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