For the girls out there, there is this site about masturbation. I am not sure if it is gay (lesbian) or not but it deals with masturbation, primarily it seems for women.

There are basically two sections, one for general information and comments, stories too. The other seems to be a blog and forum mix, and for that you do need to register. Well for the forums it seems, not the blog.

To begin with, the '˜solo touch' site is free, the member's area / forum is more like a dating and personal section, It does have a membership fee to it, but that's up to you.

The stories are okay, but not really all that '˜sexual' or '˜erotic' as it is in the free area. I think that basically the free section is for a general discussion on personal masturbation experiences, but that's just my guess and no it isn't strictly gay viewpoints either.

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