Ok, it's one of those things which have left most of us in awe whenever we've witnessed it - self - sucking. Yes indeed, Solo Suck is a site dedicated strictly about men who can actually give themselves head. Most of the picture galleries are taken from videos of our webmaster - Al Eingang. Apparently he's been at this for a while now and is quite good at it. Although his and other self-suckers' video are for sale, the pics are free. Watching this stuff, I get a mixture of many different reactions. First of all, I wish I could do it, so there's some envy for sure. LOL. Secondly, the athleticism of the these blokes is quite outstanding of course. And lastly, pure lust as I get to see some very large and gorgeous cocks. Site navigation is a bit confusing as the site is created in an old school format. However, after following the main menu to the left, I was able to get around most of the site. The links at the top of the pages are mostly for purchase and information in case you're interested in any of that. You can find some how-to's in the event you'd like to try this yourself. Who knows? Maybe you can learn to suck your own cock! Cool site.

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