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Mark is a soldier - buff, red-headed, and sporting an easy-going attitude. He works out a lot and says, "I have a lot of free time, and access to some great gyms, so it's a good way to keep from getting too bored!" He made his first appearance on Corbin Fisher back in June, and earlier this month, he fucked his first guy. This week he's losing his virginity to another hot guy.

Cain was selected as the guy who would break in Mark, who was clearly nervous. "It'll be my first time bottoming, so let's see how it goes," he said. But Cain might not have been the best choice, he's packing a big dick, but still, Mark said he would do his best. That's the soldier attitude we like to see.

The guys start off with some passionate kissing. Then the guys remove their shirts and Cain is impressed with Mark's solid and well-defined body. Cain kisses and licks his way down Mark's solid chest and makes his way toward the soldier's dick. Then Cain takes charge like a drill sergeant: "Take my dick out, suck my cock!" Cain smacks Mark's face with his uncut dick, and barks out more orders. "Let's see that pretty ass," and Mark bends over for inspection.

He kisses Mark's round butt cheeks, lubes up his fuck hole with spit, and starts fingering the redhead's rosebud. "Oh, my God, that's tight!" Cain is even more turned on when he discovers that Mark's ass has never been invaded by a cock before. Cain starts inching his big dick inside this soldier and manages to fit all of his hard cock inside Mark's virgin ass. Slowly, Mark gets used to being fucked, and then, Cain starts ramming harder. Cain grunts and moans and clearly likes the sensation. "Fuck me!" Mark says, and Cain does.

Then they move into a missionary position and Cain tells Mark to jerk himself off. Mark grabs his stiff cock and starts pumping while Cain continues to pummel his fuck hole. This is too much for Mark and he blows his load all over his ripped abs. Cain pulls out and shoots several hot streams of cum across Mark's muscled chest! Using his big cock, Cain smears his cum all over Mark's nipple, as if marking his territory. Cain kisses Mark and says, "You're a good fuck." Mark says, "You are, too!"

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