I thought entered the wrong site here when the page opened. If it wasn't for the naked feet and dirty socks I could have thought I was on a recipe page or something. LOL. So yeah, Sock Boy likes dirty feet and socks. That's just his thing. There are 16 image galleries featuring nothing but white socks, sandals, bare feet, arches, soles, toes and dirty socks. These items are apparently for sale too. I don't know about trades though. You can email the webmaster and inquire about that I'm sure. The galleries range from 30 to 50 pics so that gives you a good amount of content to surf through. Setup is simple here as there is only one main page for you to navigate from. Just scroll down the page and you'll see the links to the galleries. Also check out the "Links" link for more sites involving feet and socks and such. I have to say that the more sites I come across featuring this fetish, the more realize that it's not as obscure as I once thought. Cool.

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