soccer players fucking

After a good soccer game, some guys like to go out and celebrate their victory at the pub. Damien Esco doesn't always follow his mates to the bar, tonight he's heading home with his team mate Grant Joshua for a different kind of party. As soon as these two soccer players enter the flat they start stripping off their gear. Grant kisses his way down Damien's smooth and ripped body until his lips find Damien's hot uncut cock. The guys spend considerable time slobbering all over one another's cocks. First Damien sucks Grant's big nob, then Grant deepthroats Damien.

But as much as he's loving getting his cock sucked, Damien wants to feel his cock sliding into Grant's ass. He bends Grant over and drills him from behind. He works up a good rhythm and then flips Grant over and does him missionary style. While Damien is fucking Grant doggy style, Grant grabs his cock and grunts out a load. Damien pulls out and shoots his load right into Grant's hungry mouth. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, these guys forgot to take their shoes and athletic socks off. That's kinda hot!

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