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Is your love life a little more "Antiques Roadshow" and a little less "Queer As Folk?" Are you spending more time on a Saturday night with your right hand than you care to confess? Well, then I am here to save the day with 5 tips to get you hooking up with deee-lish dudes in no time!

1. Get yourself some sexy underwear. If you're going to show your waistband make sure it's something worth seeing! Aussie Bum yes, Fruit of the Loom, no.

2. Groom those hands and feet! No one wants to see grubby, nasty bitten nails. Guys are always checking out hands and if you paws are well kept, your more likely to get that fella interested.

3. The scent of a man. NO matter how hot a guy is, if he bathes in cologne, you're gonna wanna pass him up. Don't make that mistake - and be sure to pick a scent that says something about you.

4. Dress for your shape.If you've got Rugby player legs stay away from skinny jeans! If you're wearing something totally inappropriate for your body type you'll look like you haven't got any friends to tell you how shit you look and no one will touch you with a 10 foot pole!

5. Easy on the jewelery. If you're going out on a date and you look like Liberace's long lost twin, well then, you know you gotta tone it down. Jewelery should enhance an outfit - not dominate it.

Alright, fellas, there you go. Now get out there and put these to the test! You can thank me later ;-)

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