Most of us have had the fantasy of having sex or jacking off in front of a camera. I think there's a little exhibitionist in all of us and the idea of being caught on video really turns most of us on. Sometimes when I watch solo guys masturbating on a website, I can't help but imagine what it would be like - and fantasizing about the cameraman and the light man watching as I stroke my hard cock for the camera is hot!

There are some sites around like New York Straight Men that sometimes show the lights, the video cameras, and let us get into the action. It's sexy but what is it really like? Is getting your cock sucked or fucking a hot guy on video as good as it seems?

Can a regular guy like you or me enjoy the sex and keep it passinate and wild while there is a camera pointed right in the middle of what you're doing? Is giving a blowjob the same when there's a video cam angled from right above and intruding between you and the guy whose rod you're slurping on?


There's a site called Making Gay Porn where they actually show the making of the videos and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. On the one hand, it looks like lots of fun - exciting, hot guys. Starring in a movie seems like a dream come true - but on the other hand, you have to stand around posing for pics naked, often while keeping an erection.

Then there's keeping wood in general. Sure, it's easy when the lights are low and you're with a guy in your own apartment to let what's happening move you and keep your dick tingling and hard. It's another thing when the lighting man is moving something and the director is telling you to move back so you're in the light.

I admit, even after thinking about all that, thinking about jerking on film is quite a turn-on. But I think it takes a special kind of guy to keep the mood and his erection as assistants and grips and cameramen are doing their jobs while he is pounding his partner and shooting his load.

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