So You Think You Can Fuck

So You Think You Can Fuck is a porn surfer's wet dream. This is pretty fun stuff. The site itself is completely devoted to a contest to watch the episodes, then participate and vote for what they call "America's Greatest Porn Star". The prizes awarded the winners are pretty amazing, including a Playgirl spread. They have 12 contestants who are all incredibly hot, who are featured in episodes of super-heated sex, with - get this - some 3D action as well. You can get your glasses on signing up! This year's episodes began on September 9th and ran for 7 consecutive weeks. Show host, porn superstar Matthew Rush, enlivens the episodes which take place in a variety of settings, where the action is incredibly raw and sexy. These guys do not stop at any point and they look pretty fucking good not stopping. The clarity and quality of the technical side are off the charts as well.

I really admire the developers of this. The entire idea is superbly designed and conceived. It seems to be an event whose time has come, it comes across so naturally. The heat of the episodes is enlivening, hot and ready-made for a big hard cock. Surfers can play and participate while enjoying a marvelous line up of total hunks, fucking and sucking with some serious abandon. This is truly hot.

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